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Sand Casting
Die Casting
Gravity Casting
Introduction: Adopt coated sand casting technology (thermal method). Cast various no-lead bronze such as C89833, C83600, normal brass such as CC770S, C69300,etc.

Advantage: accurate and stable, able to produce complex shape products.

Equipment: Qili equipped with a large specification core shooter, can be cast up to 100kg; having 2 complete casting lines.

Process: Sand molding-Assembling-Pouring-Cleaning-Cutting&Grinding-Shot blasting
Introduction: Pouring copper liquid into the alloy mold to produce the product under high pressure. Can produce all kinds of brass (such as ZCuZn40PB2, CC770s, etc).

Advantage: pretty good surface; able to produce thin-walled parts and products with complex shapes.

Equipment: IMPRESS-III-DCC280 Cold chamber die-casting machine, can be cast up to 5kg.

Process: Casting-Cleaning casting system-Shot blasting.
Introduction: Pouring copper liquid into the metal mold under the action of gravity for casting. Can cast all kinds of brass (such as ZCuZn40PB2, CC770s, etc.)  

Advantage: low roughness surface; good mechanical properties of castings.

Equipment: IMR Gravity casting machine, can be cast up to 10kg.
Process: Core Making-Pouring-Cleaning casting system-Shot blasting
Hot Forging
Introduction: Heating copper tubes and copper sticks at high temperature and put them into the mold for stamping and forming.

Advantages: high precision of blank size; The material has high density.
Equipment: 200-630 ton punch press, can press products up to 200mm.
Process: blanking-heating-red punching-shot blasting-trimming
A variety of processing equipment.

Turning: fixing workpiece on the fixture,using turning tool to turn the rotating workpiece. Can process inner and outer cylindrical surface, end face, conical surface and thread. The surface roughness can reach Ra0.8.  

Milling: fix the workpiece and cut it with a rotating multi-edge tool. Can process all kinds of surface and special surface. The surface roughness can reach Ra0.4

Multi-station processing: Qili has a water vehicle type combination machine tool, which can process multiple surfaces under the condition of one clamping to ensure the position and dimension accuracy between different surfaces.
Powder Coating
Our method is electrostatic powder spraying.  The powder is uniformly attached to the workpiece under the action of static electricity.  After high temperature heating, the powder is leveled and solidified to form a film. We can spray various colors according to customers' requirements.
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