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water meter cast body

Different designs are available for Ningbo Qili water meter cast body. They are usually made of plastic, bronze, or brass and use a measuring element to determine the amount of water used.

The positive displacement (PD) type of meter is a typical type. In these types of meters, the moving measuring element is physically displaced by water in direct proportion to the amount of water flowing through the meter.


A cast body for a Ningbo Qili water meter is an engineered item available in brass or plastic. The highest levels of performance and durability are provided by both. The brass meter is made of EnviroBrass, while the plastic meter is made of modified acetal copolymer. Both come in sizes ranging from 11/2 inches to 12 inches and have comparable capabilities. They are suitable for applications that call for a direct reading of the amount of water that has flowed through the meter in U.S. gallons, cubic feet, or cubic meters. The brass meter's helix rotor is appropriately shaped to match the shape of the meter casing, and high-quality components are used throughout the mechanism to ensure stable operation over time. The brass meter is the most cost-effective option for people who want to reduce maintenance expenses.

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