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Multi Jet IC Card Intelligent Water Meter Body Brass
Multi Jet IC Card Intelligent Water Meter Body Brass

Multi Jet IC Card Intelligent Water Meter Body Brass

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Quick Details
Model No.15mm-50mmPrincipleVolumetric Meter
Medium PressureHigh-pressure Water MeterWork EnvironmentDry Water Meter
Transport PackageExport StandardOriginChina

product description

1)Reasonable design, multiple specifications dimension and material conform to CJ266-2008.
2)Advanced gravity casting technology, both appearance and inner quality are good. Blank is consistent without sand hole and shrinkage cavity,and 100% no leaking.
3)Processed by machining center with high dimensional and location accuracyproduct quality is stable.


1. Price is subject to raw material cost.

2. Customized design is available, let us have your sample or drawing.


Why choose us?
1)  Authentic manufacturer with over 20 years experience

2) Expert in the field of copper/brass/bronze die casting, sand casting, gravity casting, forging, machining

3) Competitive price, high quality, prompt delivery

4) OEM is welcome, all your needs can be catered

5) ISO9001 and IATF16949 conform

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