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Which main steps does the casting process of copper castings contain?

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For the casting of copper castings, first of all, we should pay attention to the preparation of raw materials. In this respect, in fact, it will include the inspection of the appearance of raw materials, and the analysis of their chemical composition, and then, in fact, there will be ingredients and the calculation results of the components to weigh various raw materials for the manufacture of copper castings.

The next step, actually is also should to be melting, in this way, we actually also should put the raw materials into the furnace in a certain order. After that, we should melt it to become a relatively uniform in the chemical composition of an alloy.

In fact, when copper casting is casting, it should be tested before the furnace. When the alloy is melted evenly, we should pay attention to the sampling test, and pay attention to check whether different kinds of chemical composition will meet the requirements of its technical standards. Next, we should actually pay attention to the composition of it.

The next step is to refine it. After the compound requirements of its chemical composition, we should pay attention to the dissolved gas and entailed solid particles in the alloy with refining agent. Then, in fact, it should be refined metamorphism, to pay attention to the copper alloy liquid directly added a series of more appropriate refiner and metamorphic agent. In that way, it also improve its alloy mechanical properties and mechanical cutting performance.

In fact, copper casting should be qualified in chemical composition to make sure its metamorphic effect is good, and its gas and slag content has met the requirements of aluminum alloy cast ingot, the next is to be bundled. Generally, it is an important step for the casting of copper castings, that is, it should be checked and stored.


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