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Which aspects do the quality of copper castings depend on?

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Generally speaking, the history of copper casting application is very far-reaching. In ancient times, we used copper castings to make coins, sacrificial vessels, weapons and many tools for production and life. In modern times, we use it to make blanks for machine parts. For more precise castings, we can also directly use it as parts. Now, it has become more widely used.
So how to make a distinction of its quality now? And which factors will determine the quality of copper casting?

1: the design of copper casting process determines its quality within a certain range!
In simple words, we should pay attention to determine the geometric shape according to the working conditions and the performance of metal materials while designing. The purpose of this is to effectively reduce the occurrence of composition segregation, deformation, cracking and other defects of copper castings.

2: whether the casting process is reasonable also determines the quality of its copper castings to a certain extent!
In general, we will choose an appropriate and reasonable casting method according to the structure, weight and size of copper castings, as well as the casting alloy characteristics and production conditions, so that we can get better quality castings.

3: The quality of raw materials for casting will also affect the quality of copper casting!
Generally speaking, the casting raw materials we use are not good, including metal charge, refractory material, fuel and so on. If the quality of these materials is not good, we will find that it will not only have an impact on the appearance of copper castings, but also have an impact on the internal quality. And in serious cases, casting scrap may occur.

4: It is also a point that the process operation affects the quality of copper castings. In this regard, we need to develop reasonable and standard process operation procedures, at the same time, but also to do a significant improvement about the technical level of workers and the accurate implementation of process procedures. Only in this way we can effectively get high-quality copper castings.


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