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How to prevent deformation of copper casting during production?

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Although the volume of copper parts is not large, but it is a commonly used casting on the machine, many machines use it, one is to save cost, the other is to bring good performance for the machine. However, when making castings, we must avoid some possible defects, so as to reduce the rejection rate, reduce its production cost, and thus reduce the probability of machine failure. So how to prevent deformation of cast copper parts during production?

1.Check the structure of the model: without affecting the geometric size and performance requirements of the copper casting, the size of the rounded corner at the transition can be increased by placing the reinforcement and reinforcement plate. Some elongated castings with a large proportion are prone to deflection deformation due to the large hot joint of the guide rail and the thin other parts. In view of this problem, the reverse deflection should be adopted to offset the deflection deformation caused by casting solidification. For castings with large weight and volume, multiple straight sprue can be opened.

2.Pouring system design: design a reasonable manufacturing model, so that the metal liquid flow into the copper casting mold smoothly and quickly.

3.The sand filling should be uniform: each layer of sand should be uniform, to prevent foam deformation caused by the uneven strength of individual parts , do not prematurely box.

4.After pouring: the heat preservation time in the box is sufficient, and the chemical elements of the casting can be adjusted appropriately.

Note: there are many factors affecting the deformation of copper castings. What we need to do is to know what bad factors may cause the deformation of castings, and then we must try to avoid it. In addition to avoiding these unfavorable factors, it is more important to use it correctly.


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