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ASTM American copper alloy standard grades

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Ningbo Qili Meter CO.,Ltd was founded in the 1990s, and moved to B zone of Jiangbei Investment Pioneering center of Ningbo in 2006. It occupies an area of approximately 33,000 square meters, 23,000 square meters of construction area.


We specialize in development of copper products processing, and we are familiar with copper alloy's material properties and copper alloy's processing technology such as casting, die-casting, gravity casting, sand casting and so on. Our company has kinds of metal cutting devices and optical spectrum analyzers, coordinate measuring machine. Meanwhile, we manufacture brass and bronze valves in accordance with relative national standards. Our company has a 2.5 million productive capacity of water meters per year. Our customers cover Europe, America, Australia and other countries and regions.


We supply all kinds of water meters body to global market with good quality and reasonable price, and familiar with ANSI, BS, DIN, NF & JIS Copper standards. We pay close attention to customer needs, and persistently invest in the copper alloy composition research and testing in order to provide customers with qualified products of a variety of materials. We have Brass, Bronze, Lead-free Copper, Arsenical Copper materials which accord with the Chinese National Standard GB, American SAE, the UK National Standard BS, Japanese Industrial Standard JIS, German Industrial Standard DIN, and ISO international standards and so on, such as: C89833, C83600, C84400, DZR and so on. Large enterprises’ sentinel procurement and OEM procurement, carefully melting ratio and careful spectrum detect ensure the accuracy of the copper products.


We strictly carry out the ISO quality management system and implement 6S scene management system. Besides, we proceed ERP management step-by-step to ensure production quality. 

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